BODYFIRM Pilates and Fitness Studios

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Body transformation is our passion and as a team we are all primed and ready to create impact and inspire.

Our Wellness Coaches/ Trainers ready to work with you. To lose  body fat and inches while workout out in our Solid Core Fitness Studio while complementing it with postural alignment and balance in our Solid Core Pilates Studios

We also offer the most fantastic array of addictive, body changing group classes that you will crave!!!  I am so proud of my team they are the most sought after Fitness and Pilates professionals in the city and together we will lead results driven sessions/classes by example.

Wellness Coaching / Personal and group coaching available in :
  •  Fitness  courses– effective interval training that will consume your calories and not your time
  •  Pilates  – Pilates classes the original way – be prepared to work out in energetic and dynamic  mat and reformer group sessions
  • Clinical Fitness –  personal training designed to restore function and form following illness or injury
  • Wellness Coaching – helping you  to discover your ‘best self’ , identifying personal reasons for pursuing greater wellness and being on hand to enhance motivation for behavioural change
  • Nutritional Coaching  Transformation 30 - the ultimate inch / fat loss program

Let  2015 be your best year yet – call an book your Coach / Class on 01 868 4600 or email

 BODYFIRM Pilates Studios - Our Pilates heritage

we offer the full Pilates Studio experience, providing high quality one-on-one sessions and group classes on

  • Reformer – Mat – Chair – Trap Table various Pilates Barrels and all small  props.
  • At BODYFIRM Studios we  teach the classical system while offering a contemporary approach

 We pride ourselves on our commitment to personalized attention and intelligent teaching. All our coaches are multidisciplinary Physical Therapists, Trainers and the most experienced and qualified Pilates Coaches in the country to date. As no two bodies are the same, our mission is to work with each client as an individual with unique needs and goals. We welcome people of all ages and levels of physical ability. BODYFIRM founder/ owner Joyce Gavin is acknowledged as introducing the Classical Pilates system to Ireland in the 90’s and being the most experienced Pilates Coach and Master Coach in Ireland. She is supported by a highly educated and experienced team.JG BOOK OF PILATES

At BODYFIRM Studios we have always been innovators and 2015 is no exception.